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Who Is A Wise Man?

Hi and welcome back.

Sorry for the long break I was almost finished with this when my husband started a huge project here of staining our decks.  I could not bear to let him do it alone so I became a helper.

Summer time here is a time for family and friends to come and go and we like to be sure we have the yard work done too, so I spent 2 or 3 full days weeding, digging, planting and groaning.  But, we got done in time for the Brinkman family to have their family get together on both their lots and ours and to go to a 70th birthday party.   Now, I am taking a day off.  But, I wanted to finish this study and post at least one part of it for you.  (I didn’t get this finished because I didn’t feel it was ready, but here it is for you now)

This will be a different sort of study because I want you to search these scriptures out.  If it takes more than one reading or only reading 1/2 at a time, please spend some time doing that.  This is some fundamental foundational truths every child of God needs to realize. I think there is a secret to living a victorious and powerful Christian life.

We left our study with the scripture from Rev. 12:1 – the picture of the beautiful “Bride of Christ” of which we all want to be a part.  Now, let’s learn another truth of what it takes to display that sort of beauty and have the power that can change nations.

Let’s start in the book of Ecclesiastes.

This book is said to be written by Solomon and I can think of no one who could declare more astutely, the nothingness of all earthly things.

Think about it–he was full of wisdom, very wealthy, the ruler of the throne inhabited by King David.  He always had every earthly thing at his disposal.  I want us to read through a few of these scriptures today and see if we can find a hidden nugget in them.  I will not point them all out to you, but want to peak your interest in discovering more scriptures that point us to light and the way to appropriate it in our lives. In some ways we are thinking outside of the box and enlarging our understanding of scripture to help us grow in ways we have not even dreamed could be possible.

To begin let’s turn to Eccl. 8:1:  Who is as the wise man? and who knows the interpretation of a thing?  A man’s wisdom makes his face to shine, and the boldness (hardness, darkness) of his face shall be changed. 

Eccl. 8:1  Basic Bible in English:       Who is like the wise man? and to whom is the sense of anything clear? A man’s wisdom makes his face shining, and his hard face will be changed 

Oh no, it’s not the Oil of Olay day and night creams or the special ointments man has developed that make your face to shine?  Really!?

H 215  (Strongs)shows these meanings for the word shine:

To be or become light, to become light (day), to shine (of the sun), to become bright, to be illuminated, to become lighted up, to give light, shine (of sun,moon, and stars),to illumine, light up, cause to shine, shine, to kindle, light (candle, wood), lighten (of the eyes, his law,etc.), to make shine (of the face)

Please keep in mind the theme of this study is light (day, morning) and darkness (night).

How many times have you seen or known a man or woman of God who’s face just seem to radiate peace.  Someone who just looks contented and happy like they have a special secret that is so wonderful they are full of contentment.  We are going to search some scriptures to learn the secret to a radiant face. Here are a  couple of examples for today.

This was spoken of Stephen…

Acts. 6:15  And gazing at him, all who sat in the council saw that his face was like the face of an angel.

Of Moses in Ex. 34:29,30

And it came to pass, when Moses came down from mount Sinai with the two tables of testimony in Moses hand, when he came down from the mount, that Moses wist not that the skin of his face shone while he talked with him. And when Aaron and all the children of Israel saw Moses, behold, the skin of his face shone; and they were afraid to come nigh him.

I really like the meaning of this word shone   H7160 (Strong’s)

It means to shine, to send out rays, to display or grow horns, be horned

Please read Ex. 34:29-35 and let’s give some quiet contemplation to this entire portion of scripture and ask the Lord to enlarge our understanding.  Remember his face was sending out rays.  Wow, to display or grow horns–-what a powerful thing. I think of the scripture in 11 Cor. 10:4  KJV (For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;) Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ; And having in a readiness to revenge all disobedience, when your obedience is fulfilled.

There is so much more the Spirit is stirring in me, but I want you to give me some feed back and see what we can glean from just this much.  Now turn to Ex. 34: 5-10 and read there and on.  Please read this chapter with the desire to understand light.

When Moses was in the presence of the Lord, there was a huge change taking place in him, he couldn’t see it himself, but it was both an invisible and  visible change that took place. His automatic response to the presence of the Living God was to bow down.  He was in awe of the Lord.  He received instructions (wisdom) and it changed him and caused him to worship.  Moses wasn’t just getting good ideas, he was getting God plans for the Nation.  He also got understanding and was obedient.

Oh, my precious friends…In all your getting, get wisdom!  That is what Moses did isn’t it?  We have so many opportunities today to hear anointed ministries speak the Word of God with clarity. When we listen, understand and put into practice those wonderful words we become more like Him.

Prov. 4:5-7

Get wisdom, get understanding:

forget it not; neither decline from the words of my mouth.

Forsake her not, and she shall preserve thee:

love her, and she shall keep thee.

 Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom:

and with all thy getting get understanding

Please also read Prov. 16:16

Wisdom used in these scriptures is H2451

1) wisdom

a) skill (in war)

b) wisdom (in administration)

c) shrewdness, wisdom

d) wisdom, prudence (in religious affairs)

  1. wisdom (ethical and religious)


Wisdom is far more than we understand.   I want the wisdom that is skillful in the spriritual wars, I want to experience what Moses experienced both on that mountain and every time the Lord visited him in his tent of dwelling and instructed him.  That wisdom that caused him to fall on his face before the Mighty God.


Let’s just leave this part of the study now and spend some time sitting at His feet asking for wisdom and understanding in His ways.  Please use the comment section and share what the Lord is speaking to you as you read the study now.  Let’s grow together.

Blessings on all of you my special friends