We spent many months even years searching for a comparatively “hidden” nugget from the Word.
(Because I have an insatiable desire to know why on many levels) I am excited about where we might go from here and am thrilled that our study led us to light and anything I could dig out about that subject.

Now, let’s go a little further in revealing light. We are not all going to walk around looking like LED lights. That I can tell you. But, there are many characteristics that will cause us to both be and experience light.

I am going to begin today with King David. He has long been one of my favorites because he seemed so real and revealed a lot of his humanity in his writings. Besides that he is the “epitome” of a powerful Minstrel of the Lord. I have been in services where I was aware I was hearing one of His great Minstrel gifts to the church. The effects of that on my spirit as I heard the voice of the Lord was phenomenal and frankly left me like a wet noodle.

Turn to 2 Samuel 22:2-3 and read the words David sang to the Lord.Let’s start with this today. He gives praise and honor to the Lord for who He is in his life. I know David was far from perfect but he was truly “a man after God’s own heart” That gives me such joy and confidence that His love is deep enough to overlook my inadequacies. He acknowledges the Lord as his Rock,my fortress and my deliverer,my rock in whom I take refuge, my shield and the horn of my salvation, He is my stronghold,my God is my rock, my refuge and my Savior from violent men you save me. This is his personal attitude of worship and praise and he reminds himself and all that hear about what the Lord has done for him and rehearses what the Lord’s response was to his cry for help.

Oh Hallelujah – what a response. Read the entire chapter if you will for context and go back to 11 thru 16. What a mighty God we serve!….now those of you who want can put a comment here and if you are in my Facebook CWA group please continue the conversation there. If you want to be in that group send me an IM and I will put you in there.


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